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Macro-Prudential Analysis and Effective Regulation
​What is Macro-Prudential Analysis? ​There are two pillars of financial stability. One of these is the micro-prudential perspective. The other one is the macro-prudential perspective. They are mutually reinforcing and both are essential for ensuring financial stability. In short, the difference between the two pillars of micro-prudential and macro-prudential analysis is between ensuring that individual firms are inoculated properly from disease and a system-wide health check.
Macro-prudential analysis takes account of those risks (i.e., systemic risks) that may affect all, part, or most firms in the system—and not just individual firms. When looking at the health of the underlying financial institutions in the system, macro-pru




A strategic plan for financial sector regulation in Qatar

Doha, Qatar, 9th  of December 2013: The Qatar Central Bank (QCB), QFC Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) and Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) have jointly launched a ...More

QFC Regulatory Authority enhances regulations for QFC insurance business
Doha, Qatar, 28 October 2013: The QFC Regulatory Authority today issued new prudential rules for insurance firms operating from the
QFC Regulatory Authority honours two successful Qatari graduates

Doha, Qatar, 8 October 2013: Two Qatari graduates have been honoured by the QFC

QFC Regulatory Authority congratulates three Qatari summer interns
Doha, Qatar, Sunday 21 July 2013:  The QFC Regulatory Authority today celebrated the completion of its annual Summer Internship Programme, and congratulated the three Qatari p
QFC Regulatory Authority warns consumers to avoid Portable Fund and Portable Revenue System

Doha, Qatar, Wednesday 10 July 2013: The QFC Regulatory Authority today strongly warned investors and consumers about an investment fund claiming to operate from Tornado Tower in Doha, Qatar.

QFC Regulatory Authority calls for consultation on proposed changes to the Controller Framework for Authorised Firms

Doha, Qatar, 1 October 2013: The QFC Regulatory Authority today released a consultation paper on proposed rule changes that update and strengthen the rules for the acquisition of s

The QFC Regulatory Authority honours its successful Qatari Graduate
Doha, Qatar, 30th April, 2013: The QFC Regulatory Authority held a ceremony to honour the latest Qatari Graduate who completed the one year bespoke Graduate Fellowship Program
Chief Operating Officer, Otello R. Sturino, expands role at QFC Regulatory Authority
Doha, Qatar, 27 March 2013: The QFC Regulatory Authority announced today that Mr. Otello R. Sturino,
Thomson Reuters Concludes Seventh Gulf Cooperation Council Regulators’ Summit In Qatar
- Extraterritorial legislation offers glimpse into the future of regulation, conference told
- Senior regulator emphasizes importance of quality of supervision


QFC Regulatory Authority Announces Rules to Enhance its Regulatory Framework
Doha, Qatar, 17 January 2013: The QFC Regulatory Authority has today released  rules covering 3 areas of regulation: 
The QFC Regulatory Authority honours its 2012 Summer Interns

Doha, Qatar, 22nd of July, 2012: The QFC Regulatory Authority held a ceremony to honour six Qatari national University students who participated in and completed a five week Summer Internship Programme.



for financial sector regulation
On 8 December 2013, a joint strategic plan for financial sector regulation was launched in Qatar by the Qatar Central Bank, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority, and Qatar Financial Markets Authority. The plan establishes a framework for regulating the financial sector across the State, setting out a roadmap of strategic priorities for the next three years (2014-2016).