The QFC Regulatory Authority offers a dynamic and professional work environment attracting experienced professionals from Qatar and across the globe.  The RA is committed to building a sustainable workforce through the employment and development of Qatari nationals - who will shape the future of financial services in the country.  In line with the Human Development Pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, the RA contributes to the development of Qatar’s financial sector human capital with a comprehensive Graduate Fellowship Programme (GFP) which supports Qatari national graduates in becoming highly skilled regulatory professionals. 
The GFP is a tailor-made programme offering first-hand experience working as a regulator in a world-class regulatory organisation.  As part of the programme participants attend external training and internal structured development activities to prepare for an ongoing career with the RA. During the 12 month programme, participants rotate through the operational functions of one of the core regulatory divisions (Supervision / Authorisation or Policy / Enforcement) to gain work experience in each function and to build global understanding of that domain.  Participants are guided through this process by personal mentors who are subject matter experts.
Adel Al Meer is a graduate of the GFP, focusing on Supervision and Authorisation of financial institutions.  While an Associate in the GFP, Adel worked alongside his mentor and colleagues to gain experience regulating financial services firms.  This experience included site visits with supervised firms as well as interviews and meetings with these firms’ senior management.  Within two years after completing the GFP, Adel earned a promotion and soon took up a challenge to further distinguish himself by earning an advanced diploma in Islamic Finance with the RA’s support, in partnership with a scholarship provided by the Central Bank of Malaysia.  Adel is an active member of the banking supervision team.  
Noora Al Buzwair is also a graduate of the GFP, focusing on Policy and Enforcement.  During the 12 month GFP, Noora applied her legal knowledge obtained through her studies of Law at Qatar University to practical legal matters at the RA.  Noora’s work during the GFP involved her playing an active role in a team of lawyers who were conducting an investigation into possible breaches of QFC Regulation.  This unique project involved the collection and analysis of evidence as part of an active case.  Noora has subsequently graduated from the GFP, and is currently working as an Associate in the Policy team helping develop the legal and policy framework under which the RA operates.    
The continued success of the GFP is attributed to the high quality of participants, the personalised learning opportunities created by the personal mentors, and a firm commitment from the RA at the highest levels.  This unwavering support is evident through the personal meetings that have been conducted between the RA’s Board members and former and current GFP participants to focus on the GFP and the value it creates.  The GFP and broader development programmes for Qatari nationals are central components to ensuring the sustainability of the RA and solidifying the RA’s contribution to the development of Qatar’s financial sector human capital, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.