QFCRA Commences Programme on International Financial Systems

Doha, Qatar, 9 June 2021: The QFC Regulatory Authority announced the commencement of the Program on Essentials of International Financial Systems. This programme is a collaboration between the Program on International Financial Systems (PIFS) and Harvard Law School Executive Education to deliver training programs for financial regulators. The intensive eight-week programme for Qatari nationals offers participants in-depth training in international financial markets, corporate finance, and financial market regulation. The programme will be delivered by leading experts from the financial services sector and academia, including Harvard Law School and Columbia Law School.

The inaugural programme is fully subscribed with around forty participants from the Qatar Central Bank, Qatar Financial Markets Authority, Qatar Stock Exchange, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, Qatar Central Securities Depository and Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive certification from PIFS and Harvard Law School Executive Education.

“This programme is a truly unique opportunity for Qatari participants to broaden and deepen their understanding of global finance and regulation. The programme required considerable effort to organise and launch, and we are delighted by the response that we have received from participants.  The breadth and scope of the programme is outstanding, and we are very fortunate that participants will benefit from instruction from some of the world’s leading experts in capital markets, finance and regulation,” said Fatma Al Meer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at QFCRA.

PIFS is offered as part of the QFCRA’s award-winning nationalization programme, Al Masar.  “Our nationalisation mission is to offer world-class training opportunities in financial services and regulation to Qataris.  This program is an important step in our efforts to create future leaders for the financial services sector,” said Wadha Khalid Al Jaber, Head of Strategy and Organisational Development at QFCRA.

The programme commenced on Tuesday, 1 June 2021.

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