Manuel Macasaet

Director, Legislative Counsel

Manuel Macasaet joined the QFC Regulatory Authority in 2007 from the Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing in the Attorney-General’s Department of the Commonwealth of Australia. As senior drafter, Mr Macasaet worked on varied regulations dealing with commercial transactions, maritime law, civil aviation, immigration, taxation, pensions, diplomatic immunities, consular privileges, health and

social welfare. He enjoys the specialist drafting in banking, insurance, asset management and AML/CFT required of him in the QFC Regulatory Authority.

Mr Macasaet holds undergraduate degrees in business and law from the Philippines and Australia and a Master of Laws from New York University School of Law.

Shaun Swan

Director, Policy

Shaun Swan joined the QFC Regulatory Authority in August 2007 as Associate Director and was appointed Director of Policy in January 2015. His role involves the oversight and management of the Policy department and delivery of the department work programme. Another key aspect of Mr Swan’s job at the Regulatory Authority involves ongoing cross-divisional collaboration and engagement. In many cases, the department’s work also extends out to collaboration with State agencies such as the Qatar Central Bank, Qatar Financial Markets Authority and the National Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee.

In his time at the QFC Regulatory Authority, Mr Swan has worked on the design and

implementation of Regulatory Authority rules across a wide range of financial sectors and regulatory initiatives. Projects of note include regulatory rules for Prudential Banking, Collective Investments Schemes, AML/CFT and Training and Competency.

Mr Swan holds a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Nottingham University (UK) and a Master’s degree in Banking from Bangor University (UK). Prior to working at the QFC Regulatory Authority, he held policy positions at the Financial Services Authority, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and Deloitte’s regulatory consulting division.

Andrew Lowe

Director, Enforcement

Andrew Lowe was appointed Director of Enforcement in the Policy and Enforcement division in March 2017. He joined the QFC Regulatory Authority from Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, where he had global responsibility for the bank’s significant investigations, forensics and asset tracing cases and overall responsibility for the Standard Chartered whistleblowing channel. In addition to conducting numerous investigation cases for the bank, he established new functions and capabilities relating to anti-bribery and corruption, whistleblowing regime, data leakage

and confidential data compromise, and investigation training. Prior to Standard Chartered, Mr Lowe spent four years at the Regulatory Authority on the Legal and Regulatory Compliance team.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws (majors in Corporate and Commercial Law), from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland. Additionally he holds Graduate Diplomas in Legal Practice and Corporate Governance, and Graduate Certification in Applied Finance and Investment (FINISIA).