Abdulla Majid Al-Kuwari
Abdulla Majid Al-Kuwari
Head, Macroprudential Analysis

Abdulla Majid Al-Kuwari joined the QFC Regulatory Authority in January 2018 in the Macroprudential Analysis department. He was appointed as head of the department in June 2019.

Mr Al-Kuwari manages the department’s quarterly report to the Board (the Macroprudential Review) along with the accompanying fact sheets. He also engages in various special assignments for the Enforcement department, the CEO, and the Chairman of the Board.

He is a member of the Financial Stability Subcommittee of the Financial Stability and Risk Control Committee of the State of Qatar. Prior to joining the QFC Regulatory Authority, Mr Al-Kuwari was an Economic Analyst at the QFC Authority.

Mr Al-Kuwari holds a master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Chicago.