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Firm Name QFC No. Current Firm Status Date Authorised Date of Current Status
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - Qatar Financial Centre Branch 00143Authorised31/07/201113/02/20136
AIG MEA Limited 00035Authorised - voluntarily ceased new business18/02/200731/05/20213
Al Awael Captive Insurance Co. LLC 00838Authorised29/01/202026/08/20203
Al Rayan Investment LLC 00045Authorised03/04/200703/04/20076
Alpen Capital Investment Bank (Qatar) LLC 00028Authorised21/12/200621/12/20061
American Life Insurance Company ("ALICO") 00036Authorised - voluntarily ceased new business26/02/200722/03/20203
Amwal LLC 00145Authorised14/09/201101/11/20111
Aon Qatar LLC 00086Authorised22/07/200831/08/20094
Arab Jordan Investment Bank (Qatar) LLC 00003Authorised05/12/200505/12/20052
Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC 00173Authorised23/06/201302/07/20131
AWP Health & Life S.A. 00193Authorised17/06/201417/06/20143
Bank Audi LLC 00027Authorised21/12/200621/12/20062
Bank J. Safra Sarasin (QFC) LLC 00212Authorised09/02/201509/02/20151
Bank of China Limited Qatar Financial Centre Branch 00408Authorised07/08/201705/11/20172
Barclays Bank PLC 00018Authorised10/09/200610/09/20062
BLOM Bank Qatar LLC 00079Authorised07/04/200812/07/20092
CB Asset Management LLC 01179Authorised30/12/202017/06/20211
Chedid and Associates Qatar LLC 00115Authorised21/10/200926/09/20104
Citibank, N.A. 00043Authorised31/03/200731/03/20072
CQUR Bank LLC 00622Authorised16/07/201908/10/20192
Credit Agricole CIB - QFC Branch 00935Authorised26/04/202029/03/20212
Credit Suisse (Qatar) LLC 00005Authorised01/03/200601/03/20062
Deutsche Bank AG Doha (QFC) Branch 00032Authorised28/12/200628/12/20062
Epicure Investment Management LLC 00676Authorised01/05/201922/08/20191
First Abu Dhabi Bank - QFC Branch 00098Authorised - Closed to New Business24/11/200809/06/20192
Goldman Sachs International 00053Authorised - Inactive09/07/200730/04/20202
Guardian Wealth Management Qatar LLC (In Liquidation) 00113Authorised - Inactive20/10/200906/05/20164
Gulf Insurance Group (Gulf) B.S.C.(C) 00024Authorised19/11/200619/11/20063
Hoopoe Advisors Representative Office 01389Authorised27/10/202127/10/20217
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited 00066Authorised31/01/200831/01/20082
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. - QFC Branch 00301Authorised25/04/201616/10/20162
Investcorp Investments LLC 00219Authorised17/06/201517/06/20151
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. - Qatar Financial Centre Branch 00128Authorised05/01/201101/04/20112
Lifecare International (Qatar) LLC 00162Authorised09/01/201320/03/20134
Maha Capital Partners LLC 01098Authorised02/12/202002/12/20201
Marsh Qatar LLC 00085Authorised30/06/200830/06/20084
MedGulf Takaful - QFC Branch 00110Authorised09/08/200921/01/20105
Merrill Lynch International - QFC Branch 00258Authorised13/09/201522/03/20162
Morgan Stanley & Co International plc 00019Authorised12/09/200612/09/20062
MUFG Bank, Ltd. 00103Authorised15/01/200915/01/20092
Nasco Qatar LLC 00057Authorised08/08/200708/08/20074
Nexus Financial Services WLL 00099Authorised30/11/200830/11/20084
Oman Reinsurance Co. - QFC Branch 01134Authorised30/11/202022/08/20213
Prime Financial Solutions LLC 00109Authorised28/07/200918/08/20214
Q Life & Medical Insurance Company LLC 00141Authorised - voluntarily ceased new business30/06/201101/01/20193
Qatar First Bank LLC 00091Authorised04/09/200804/09/20086
QINVEST LLC 00048Authorised30/04/200730/04/20076
QNB Capital LLC 00096Authorised28/09/200802/12/20091
Rothschild & Co Doha LLC 00116Authorised - Inactive18/11/200917/11/20211
Sanguine Investment Managers LLC 00744Authorised - Inactive26/09/201922/04/20211
SEIB Insurance and Reinsurance Company LLC 00114Authorised21/10/200926/09/20103
Sharq Insurance LLC 00054Authorised16/07/200716/07/20073
Societe Generale - Doha Representative Office 01238Authorised14/03/202126/08/20217
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 00073Authorised08/03/200808/03/20082
Sword Capital Representative Office 01431Authorised07/12/202124/01/20227
T'azur Company b.s.c. ( c ) - QFC Branch 00112Authorised - voluntarily ceased new business17/09/200901/02/20185
The Saudi National Bank 00081Authorised - voluntarily ceased new business25/05/200830/09/20192
UBS Qatar LLC 01169Authorised31/12/202001/04/20211
VakifBank QFC Branch 00956Authorised21/05/202002/02/20212
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. QFC Branch 00166Authorised - voluntarily ceased new business08/10/201230/11/20153
Zurich International Life Limited 00067Authorised08/11/200708/11/20073
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