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Search Registered Funds

Fund Number RF Fund Name Type of Fund Status Operator Registered Date Withdrawn Date
00006 Al Ayid Fund LLC Exempt Professional Investor Fund Registered Qatar National Bank Q.P.S.C.19/05/2024
00005 Rasmal Innovation Fund I LLC Exempt Professional Investor Fund Registered Rasmal Ventures LLC16/05/2024
00004 Sondook Fund LLC Exempt Professional Investor Fund Registered CB Asset Management LLC15/12/2022
00003 Epicure Global Opportunities Fund Private Placement Fund Registered Epicure Investment Management LLC15/11/2022
00001 Qinvest Capital LP Private Placement Fund Withdrawn QINVEST LLC23/12/2010 04/06/2017
00002 Matrix GCC Real Estate Fund LLC Private Placement Fund Withdrawn Matrix ME Alignment Fund Management LLC23/03/2011 31/12/2012

"The funds registered by the Regulatory Authority and their fund manager/operator are subject to regulation by the Regulatory Authority. However, the Regulatory Authority is not responsible for the performance of funds and does not approve offering or constitutional documents. Information concerning a particular fund may be obtained from its fund manager/operator.

The Regulatory Authority strongly encourages potential investors to carefully evaluate a fund, or to seek professional advice, before making any investment.”

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